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SWAT 3: Close Quarters Battle Linked

€87.99inkl. 10% MwSt.
Windows 95/98

211 in progress with shots fired. Officer down. Armed suspects with hostages. Respond Code 3! Los Angles, 2005, In the next seven days, representatives from every nation around the world will converge on Las Angles to witness the signing of the United Nations Nuclear Abolishment Treaty. The protection of these dignitaries falls on the shoulders of one organization, LAPD SWAT. As part of this elite tactical organization, you and your team have the weapons and all the training necessary to protect, to serve, and "When needed" to use deadly force to keep the peace. It takes more than weapons to make it through each mission. Your arsenal includes C2 charges, flashbangs, tactical grenades. opti-Wand mini-video cameras, and other devices critical to meeting your objectives and keeping your men free of injury. Uncompromised Duty, Honor and Valor!
  • Artikelnummer: PC-SWAT3
  • Gewicht: 7kg
  • 16 Stück auf Lager
  • Hergestellt von: Sierra
  • Dieser Artikel wurde am Montag,02. April 2018 im Shop aufgenommen.
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